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MeNext is a new way to find the best beauty and spa deals for your next appointment. We know better than anyone else how important Me-time is, and we're here to make sure your relaxation experience is seamless and won't break the bank. Now available at the App Store.


MeNext is a new way to find and book the best beauty and spa deals

Stylish, Simple and Unique!

We've personally taken the toil and frustration out of scouring the internet to find the ideal spa treatment for you. Our team is made up of a collection of super-picky salon buffs who are also very price conscious. Each of our venues is thoroughly vetted by our staff and meets our rigorous standards on quality and price. Search based on service, location, recommendations, or just rely on us to find the best possible spa deals for you. In minutes you can locate the perfect salon, the exact service you need, book your appointment and be on your way!

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Best Spa Deals at your fingertip

  • Your Trusted Advisor

    Not sure what service you want next? Browse photos, professionals, and our recommendations to discover the hottest beauty looks, products and fitness trends and ideas. From the makeup you'll want to wear to the hair color you should try, we'll help you get ahead in the beauty game.

  • Best Spa Deals at Your Fingertips

    MeNext is your source for discovering the best beauty salons and professionals near you at the best possible prices. Book all of your salon & spa appointments instantly with just the click of a button. Your Me-time is our top priority and we want to make sure you have a great experience with MeNext.

  • Save Big With MeNext Points

    Book appointments, invite friends, and add reviews to earn MeNext points that can be redeemed for services and products. Earn 1% back in points on every dollar you spend. We'll also send you surprise points once in a while — just because.

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Can I book the appointment via website?

You can only book an appointment through our app but guess what? That's goodnews because booking through us is simple and fun!

How can I contact you?

The ideal way to contact us is by email Support@MeNextBeauty.com — if you prefer to hear our voices, feel free to give us a call too! +1 (212)-947-1771.

What is your cancellation policy?

Since you are booking an appointment at an incredible price, you'll be billed for the full amount at the time of booking whether you are able to make it there or not, so please make it! Scheduled treatments are reserved especially for you. However, we understand that plans change – you can always reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time. If no appointments are available at your desired spa you willbe credited a full amount of the service. The credit can be used for any other spa service with any of our partners available through the app. Just remember to cancel or reschedule the appointment with 24 hour advance notice. If your appointment is not cancelled within this notification period, it is considered confirmed. If you miss an appointment, the salon may charge you a fee in accordance with their cancellation policy. If you are concerned that a salon or spa may charge you a fee according to its cancellation policy, please contact the salon or spa directly. You will not receive any applicable MeNext Rewards Points for that appointment.

My favorite salon is not on your app…

We try to pick the best salons from every neighborhood in the city, but sometimes we miss a gem or two. We'd love it if you'd refer your favorite spot to our site, and we will guide them through the simple sign up process.

What happens if the appointment I wished to book was unavailable?

Luckily we have a great selection of salons and spas all conveniently located in easily accessible areas. If the particular appointment you'relooking for is unavailable, most likely there will be a comparable salon right nearby.

When are you coming to my city?

Like many greatstories, MeNext began in NYC — but soon our entrepreneurial spirit shall guideus to many major cities. Tell us yours!

Do I need to print out my confirmation and bring it with me to the salon?

Once you're confirmed, all you need to bring is your lovely self!

How do we choose the spa/salons we list?

Our team is comprised of a collection of super picky salon buffs who are alsovery price conscious. Each one of our venues is thoroughly vetted by our staff and meets our rigorous standards regarding quality and price. Skill, style, atmosphere, price and service: all are guaranteed to be superb.

What happens if a service sells out?

Not to fret! We often add additional appointments as the day progresses — so keep checking in with us.

Why are a limited number of appointments available?

First come, first served: the American Way!

If I pay you directly why do I still need to tip?

All gratuities is retained by the salon itself. Plus, doesn't it give you asense of satisfaction to tip the stylist or nail technician in person, so youcan see them smile?

How do I change my payment info?

Simple! Just enter your details in the payment section provided in your account.

What Are MeNext Rewards Points?

You can earn MeNext Rewards Points when you book and honor an appointment. Earn 1% back in points on every dollar you spend. We'll also send you surprise points oncein a while — just because.

Are there rules around how the invite/referral program works?

Like everything in life, yes, there are some rules. We monitor the use of redemption codes and referrals.

I'm trying to redeem a code but I am receiving an error. What to do?

Make sure you are using valid invite/referral code (that's usually the issue if people can't log in). If you can't get through feel free to shoot us an email or give us a ring.

Can I choose a different treatment typeat the spa/salon when I arrive?

Due to the limited number of slots for each service, once you book one the salon typically doesn't offer substitutions. But hey, you never know — you're free to ask while you're there.

How do you deal with negative feedbackon spa or salon partners?

Let us know how it goes! If service isn't to your liking (or, hopefully, is the best treatment you've ever received in your life), please keep us in the know. We can report any negative things to the salon to keep them in check (and if we see a pattern, we will immediately remove them from our list of venues).

How do I invite friends?

Just click the "invite" button! We're on all the major social media channels, so it's easy as 1, 2, tweet!

Do appointments prices fluctuate throughout the day?

Prices can change due to the desirability of certain time slots. Keep checking in with us and book that perfect appointment.

Why should I use you?

We've personally taken the toil and frustration out of scouring the internet to find ideal salon and spa treatments for you. In minutes you can locate the perfect spot, the exact service you need, book your appointment and be on your merry way!


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19 West 34 Street, Suite 912, New York, NY 10001

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